Tuesday, July 16, 2019

How To Use Parental Control To Control Cell Phone Distraction Of Students

Like other technologies, mobile phones have their pros and cons, depending on how they are used. Smartphones at its best are useful for staying in touch, searching for information and keeping oneself updated with the constantly growing world. At worst, devices can negatively affect sleep and concentration power or increase stress and procrastination.
Use parental control for Dealing With Digital Distraction

While talking about students, various studies show that students are getting highly addicted to devices, and cell phone distraction is the root cause in spoiling the grades and behavioral change among the students. Hence, it is recommended to minimize the effects of cell phone distractions for students before it turns into a disaster.

Adverse Effects Of Cell Phone Distraction On Students:

  • High level of procrastination:
Delaying in project and homework submissions are extremely common nowadays among students. The reason for this high level of procrastination is, involvement in phones; texting, social media, games, and shopping.
  • Intensified stress levels:
Being over-reliant on devices causes psychological health issues. Excessive mobile usage results in behavioral changes like irritation, anxiety, frustration, and impatience. Students take unnecessary stress and felt very agitated when they cannot access their phones. 
  • Lowers focusing power:
Presence of cellphone is sufficient enough to damage the concentration level. It takes 25 minutes to refocus on important tasks like homework when students are engrossed in devices. The habit of continuously checking the notifications and pop-ups are the main cause that dilutes the focus.
  • Distorted sleep:
Sound sleep is exceptionally essential for relaxing body and mind. Before going to bed, the child sits with a cell phone and argue with parents that they are referring to study material or preparing for a test. But, internet alerts and pop-ups do not allow you to concentrate or take a sound sleep; hence, it is advisable to ban phones in bedrooms.

How to diminish cell phone distractions for students?

Use parental control: Parental control is an application built to watch the activities anyone is performing on the internet. This app enables to examine and regulate an individual‘s online tasks.
Distinctive tools of parental control application provide solution to avoid the cell phone distraction in students. Let’s take a look at the different features of parental control software and find 

Features of parental control app:

  • Time Schedule: Fix the hours of using each application in student’s device. Set the time for each app; time schedule automatically limits the timings of device usage.
  • App Block: Applications that hampers the core activities (like homework and project completion) can be blocked. Prohibiting such apps will provide more time to students in concentrating on other tasks.
  • App Install Block: This feature forbids kids to download any new application. Hence, the mind cannot get diverted to other programs and teens can have sufficient time to invest in priority work.
  • Call Blocker: Block the callers who are misleading or wasting precious hours of students on the phone. Constant talking on mobiles even invites various diseases like cancer and tumor.
  • Other tools: Other tools like Panic Alert sends the notification if a kid is in danger, Anti - Theft tool enables to find the lost device.
Protect students from cell phone distractions using parental control app and create understanding in them regarding mobile interruption. 
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